5 Places to Visit When in Croatia

Located somewhere between western and eastern Europe, Croatia is one of the best vacation destinations with something to offer for all types of travellers. It is a geographically diverse country with so many attractions that it can be a challenge to decide what to explore and where to go first. It also boasts of vast historical ruins and medieval cities. Here is a look at 5 places to visit when in Croatia. 

1.    Zagreb

Zagreb is the capital city of Croatia that is packed with both modern and historical attractions. The city dates back to the eleventh century and is located in northwestern Croatia. You cannot afford to miss a visit to this vibrant metropolis, which is the heart of Croatian government, academics and culture. 

2.    Krka National Park

Krka national park is one of the places that have beautiful natural scenery, historical sites and wildlife. This natural park is famous for its clear natural pools, gushing waterfalls, and green-blue water. Some of these pools are perfect for swimming and boat exclusions.

3.    Rovinj 

Rovinj is the most visited town in Istria, Croatia. This town is located on a romantic seaside of the Istrian peninsula in the Adriatic Sea. This old town is made up of twenty islands. Some of the attraction sites here include Carrera street, 12th-century town clock, St. Euphemia’s Basilica, and seven medieval city gates. 

4.    Split

This is the second-largest city in Croatia located on a peninsula off the Dalmatian coast. It has been nicknamed as the Mediterranean Flower, and tourists find it enjoyable to shop at the lively green market, stroll along the seaside promenade and to swim at the Bacvice beach. One of the major attractions is the historic Gothic and Renaissance architecture. 

5.    Korcula

Korcula is best known as the place where the famous merchant traveller, Marco polo, is alleged to have been born. It is a fifty-kilometre island situated off Adriatic coast of Croatia. It features sandy beaches, olive groves, lush green forests, charming villages and vineyards to give you an unforgettable experience – read article on top 10 tourist attractions in croatia

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